CEP is recruiting volunteers!

Becoming a CEP volunteer is a great way to contribute to your community, gain new skills, and build your network.

We are currently seeking General Volunteers.. If you are interested in being added to the volunteer list please contact cepcalgary@gmail.com, be sure to use the term “CEP Calgary volunteer application” in the subject line, and include your resume with a brief description of why you are interested in the position.

Volunteer Opportunity  

General Volunteer  

Purpose of Position 

To provide support to CEP events or other duties, on an ad-hoc basis  

Duties & Responsibilities 

  • General volunteers may have a range of responsibilities and opportunities, depending on what is needed by CEP and the skills and time the volunteer has to offer. 

  • The volunteer will work collaboratively with the Chapter Lead to identify duties and responsibilities that are a good fit  


Time Requirement 

There is no minimum time requirement – time will depend on CEP’s need for support and the volunteer’s availability. 

Orientation & Training 

Support from the CEP Management Team and Board of Directors, as needed. 

CEP Team 

CEP volunteers will work most directly with the Chapter Lead and the relevant member of the CEP Management Team, depending on his/her duties.  The CEP Board is also available for overall guidance and governance.   

Benefits to Volunteer 

The volunteer will have the opportunity to connect with a wide network or environmental professionals and leaders, work with a dynamic and interdisciplinary team of volunteers, and strengthen/showcase his/her skills in areas such as event management, people management, communications, liaison, strategy and/or leadership 

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