CEP Supported Events

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BRBC Science Webinar Series 


February 23, 2021   9:30 - 11:30 am

Monitoring for a Changing Environment

  •  Hydrological Response of the Elbow River Under a Changing Climate

Presented by: Cuauhtémoc Tonatiuh Vidrio Sahagún, University of Calgary


  • A classification-based virtual watershed modeling approach to understand sensitivity of the Prairie hydrology to changes in climate

Presented by: Christopher Spence, Environment and Climate Change Canada

Wetland Knowledge Exchange
February 23, 2021 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

By: Ducks Unlimited Canada

Presented by Robb Stavne, Sora Ecological Consulting

Growing up as a farm kid in central Alberta exposed me to many interests related to raising cattle and life on the family farm. Exploring and enjoying the willow thickets, aspen stands and wetlands, observing and learning to identify wildlife led me to a career in wildlife ecology, punctuated by a Master’s thesis exploring impacts of cattle grazing on wetland bird communities. It also led me to eventually buy a small parcel of land near Peace River where I raise 75 head of cattle, and operate a wildlife consulting company. My roots to the farm life and interest in promoting wildlife interests on a working landscape lead me to find and enhance a small 30 acre parcel of wetland and associated upland habitat on my own property, with activities initiating in 2016. My talk will speak to the landuse history of my farm, and the state it came to be in when I purchased it and started to produce cattle. It will include my path of establishing key partnerships in the local community as well as the conservation community to help implement strategies to produce a small but effective patch of habitat that increases in wildlife value each year.

Exploring Riparian Stewardship and Regulations
February 24, 2021 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

By: Cows and Fish & Environmental Law Center

Ever start planning a project in a riparian area, but didn’t know what regulations apply, or if you need a permit? You’re not alone! Join Cows and Fish, the Environmental Law Centre and invited speakers for a series of webinars, outlining common improvement projects done in riparian areas, and the regulations that may apply. The Environmental Law Centre will provide some background information, and panelists will outline their on-the-ground experience, with time for questions from the audience.

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